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Charter Fishing RI

We are an Rhode Island owner operated business. The layout of the boat is such that you have 360 degree visibility with state of the art electronics. Feel free to ask questions about them- what do they do and how to use them. We fish for anything from offshore giant bluefin tuna and sharks to fluke fishing on the beautiful south shore beaches of Rhode Island. Shark fishing RI can be non stop action, we offer light tackle fishing equipment and heavy "getter done" gear. Fluke fishing RI can provide tasty meals for you to enjoy though out the summer months. Striped Bass Fishing Block Island is noted as being one of the best spots in the northeast to produce trophy striped bass. All fishing tackle and bait is provided. Your catch will be filleted and bagged for you to bring home.

Some Extras:

♦ We also offer Ash Burials at Sea; a beautiful way to say farewell to a loved one.

Tall Ship Cruises- view them from the water.

♦ How about booking bachelor party?  We recommend fishing 1st then "going out on the town".

Rhode Island Spear Fishing can be from anchor or drift, which ever you prefer.


►A to Z Charters of RI is involved in shark tagging for science. Data acquired from tagging helps to protect and preserve this valuable resource.


Fishing RI for striped bass, fluke, scup, seabass, tautoug, sharks, giant bluefin tuna, and anything that swims A to Z.

On the water fun? We've got you covered A to Z.

Rhode Island Charter Boat offering fishing charters, RI light house cruises, sunset cruises, corporate cruises, diving, spear fishing, and ash burial at sea.

 A to Z Charters - Narragansett Bay- Rhode Island Charter Boat

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